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Thank You!

We are finally getting a bit closer to normalcy at Jumpers!  Kids are back, we are celebrating birthday parties, and we are finally getting to see your smiling faces again!  


Although things are returning to normal, we want our customers to be aware that in order to survive the pandemic, we have had to completely change how we run Jumpers, and if your last visit was prior to March 2020, please understand that things are different now.  


  • Staffing is down and wages are up

  • Capacity is reduced to maintain the safety and comfort of our guests

  • Online booking for Open Jump is now required due to capacity restrictions

  • Open Jump hours are reduced so we can accommodate Private Play Dates and private birthday parties

Why are we telling you this?  We are asking you to please:

  • Bear with us and be kind - staff and management are under a lot of pressure

  • Have patience and understand that we are doing our best with limited resources

  • If we are not able to accommodate you for a party or Open Jump please understand that it is for safety reasons


We want to thank you for supporting our small family-owned business!  We would not have made it through this without our loyal customers and we look forward to seeing you soon!

 - Danielle and the Jumpers Team 

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